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Retro and vintage inspired clothing, accessories, home wares and gifts.

  • Vintage Inspired Retro Work Wear

    Have you browsed our Retro Work Wear Range?

    Back when I worked in an office (about ten years ago) finding clothes to wear to work was always such a struggle and I basically had a few pairs of pants and some classic work shirts. Suffice to say looking back, I was a bit of a dag and could certainly have used some help!

    Unique Vintage Mod Wiggle Work Wear Dress Unique Vintage Mod Wiggle Work Wear Dress

    A few years ago, we realised that a lot of the styles we stock are perfect for wearing to work and created our retro work wear category to highlight these styles and provide some ideas on outfits to wear to work. When I look at our range now, there are so many pieces I could have worn that would have elevated me from office dag to office vixen!

    Depending on your role and the company you work for, looking good is sometimes a must and you may be meeting clients face to face and making that all important first impression. Luckily I was office bound so what I wore didn't really matter as long as I looked smart but clothing says so much about who you are and how you present yourself.

    Check out some key pieces below and browse the full range here.

    Gorgeous Retro-Look Dresses

    Glamour Bunny Ella Dress - Retro Work Wear Glamour Bunny Ella Dress

    We're loving the new Glamour Bunny range at the moment. These amazing pencil dresses are imported from the EU and are of the utmost quality and look amazing on! The even have little straps to hold your bra strap in place! I grabbed the Ella as I'm a sucker for black, white and red!

    We've many different styles that are just perfect for the office. View our work wear dresses here.

    Chic Star - Plaid dress work wear Chic Star - Plaid Dress in purple
    Chic Star Brittany Dress - retro work wear Chic Star Brittany Dress

    Vintage Work Wear Mix and Match Separates

    When it comes to separates, we've many skirts, pants and tops that can be mixed and matched to create a very smart look. Just team up a gorgeous top with a circle skirt or smart pants:

    Hell Bunny Cherie Top - Retro Work Wear Hell Bunny Cherie Top
    Chic Star 1940's Style Pants Retro Work Wear Chic Star 1940's Style Pants
    Steady Harlow Striped Top Retro Work Wear Steady Harlow Striped Top

    Comfortable Vintage Inspired Shoes

    Of course any outfit isn't complete without a nice pair of shoes and our Bettie Page and Charlie Stone flats have you covered. Our most popular style is the Bettie Page 'Bettie' Mary Janes pictured below.

    Bettie Page 'Bettie' Shoes Retro Work Wear Bettie Page 'Bettie' Shoes

    Charlie Stone shoes have taken the vintage flats market by storm! These amazingly comfortable shoes are created by Sydney based designer Samantha Capello.  Most styles are made from 100% leather upper and lining, have a soft cushioned insole, a 10 mm internal heel elevation and a 10 mm external heel. Just perfect for the office:

    Charlie Stone Singapore Vintage Flats Retro Work Wear Charlie Stone Singapore Vintage Flats

    So next time you're in need some new work clothes, please check out our range here. We're adding new pieces all the time and you're sure to find something suitable that allows you to express your own personal style.

  • New Hell Bunny Spring/Summer '17 Range

    New Hell Bunny Lines Coming Soon!

    We're excited to have just received the new Hell Bunny Spring Summer '17 catalogue!  It's packed full of amazing new prints and styles with an emphasis on quirky fruit prints!


    Delicious New Prints...

    Hell Bunny Tutti Fruitti Dress  New Tutti Frutti Dress Coming Soon!
    Hell Bunny Aggy Dress Aggy Dress

    New items will start arriving this week and over the next few months and we'll be doing any items we're not stocking via special order.

    Watch this space!

  • Why We Love Sabina Kelley

    Sabina Kelley is Hittin' Greazefest This Weekend!

    We’re currently living in the age of the tattooed pin up! These women are strong independent gals from all different backgrounds with an eye for style!

    When I think of modern pin ups the one & only Sabina Kelley instantly comes to mind! This almost 6ft stunner is a trailblazer in the tattooed pin up scene & we’re lucky enough to be seeing her this weekend at Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival in Brisbane.

    sabina3 sabina
    If you’ve been living under a rock and are unsure who this blonde bombshell is then let us entertain you:

    Sabina is a professional model and dancer who you may have been introduced to through the TV Show “Best Ink” which airs worldwide. She featured a showgirl in the famous “Jubilee!” show in Las Vegas & guest headlined in the show “PinUp”.

    Sabina’s modelling career has been extensive to say the least. From vintage glamour, modern pin up, fetish & fashion; she has done it all and with so much of her own individual style!

    It’s easy to get carried away admiring this lovely lady not only for her stunning features but also for her dedication to the tattoo cause! We so look forward to meeting Sabina on the weekend and can’t wait to see what boundaries she pushes next!





    sabina4 sabina1 sabina2sabina6


  • Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival

    Greazefest 2016 Is Just Around The Corner

    It’s that time of year again folks - Greazfest Brisbane is less than a month away and this year it has a new home at Cleveland Showgrounds. If you love all things Hot Rods, Tattoos, Pin Ups & Rockabilly then this is the must see event of the year in Brisbane & luckily for you Melbournians Greazefest is travelling your way again!



    August 2016 marks the 16th year since Greazefest’s humble beginnings in Kingscliffe & boy has it grown! Over the years it has moved locations and we’ve seen so many amazing bands thanks to the tireless efforts of our Queen Of Kustom Kulture – Lori Lee Cash! Every year the line-up gets better and better and we’re so thrilled to be seeing so many rockin bands this year, not to mention the amazing cars & market stall holders all brought together just for us!


    Direct from the USA we’re being treated to The Rhythm Shakers, Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers & straight outta the UK we’ve got The John Lewis Trio.
    As usual Lori Lee has handpicked the best of the best that Australian rockabilly currently has to offer with bands like Doubleblack, Pat Capocci, Scotty Baker, The Sugar Shakers, The Cruisin' Deuces, Paulie Bignell & so so many more!

    Don't forget the incredibly beautiful Sabina Kelley will also be gracing Greazefest with her presence in both Brisbane & Melbourne !



    If you haven't got your outfit sorted yet we have you covered! Just head on over to Atomic Cherry to have a look at our beautiful range!

    So, get your glad rags on & head out to Australia’s #1 Kustom Kulture Festival in Brisbane, Melbourne OR BOTH!!

    Brisbane – Cleveland Showgrounds
    Friday August 5th
    Saturday August 6th
    Sunday August 7th

    Melbourne Pre-Party at The LuWow on Friday August 12th
    Melbourne – Sandown Racecourse
    Saturday August 13th
    Sunday August 14th

    Get your tickets for Australia's Premiere Rockabilly Festival at

    Greazefest 2016

  • Glamorous Gloves: The Long and Short Of Glove Fashion!

    Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


    As a child I remember looking through my grandmother’s things to find beautiful lace & satin gloves. I always remember thinking “where could you possibly wear these, and what would you wear them with?!”. I now own these gloves and despite worrying that I’ll damage them I do wonder where the idea of wearing gloves for fashion comes from. So, I put my super sleuth hat on and here is what I found out!

    Much like we found in our previous High Heel Heaven post; gloves, like heels, date back as far as ancient Egyptian times. Worn by nobility, priests & priestesses through the centuries; they have a long history of being associated with numerous customs, practices, & rituals. In the tomb of the most famous Egyptian of all time, Tutankhamun, 28 pairs of gloves were found with intricate woven motif embellishments. Gloves and their “fanciness” (for lack of a better word) have played a huge part in determining the social standing of people for centuries, especially from the 12th to 16th centuries. At a time when the way you dressed without a doubt expressed your importance; gloves were just another piece of clothing that could be embellished, embroidered & jewelled to signify wealth & luxury form men & women. Kings, Queens & noble people went wild with the decorative possibilities, resulting in some amazing designs.

    If we look at glove styles in recent decades we can see they were consistently worn up until the 1980s. A demand for casual wear has since deemed them almost non-existent in stores. Their lengths, colours, fabrics & embellishments have changed dramatically through the decades. While researching I found that glove lengths were very seasonal and changed with sleeve lengths. As sleeves got shorter, gloves got longer and vice versa.

    Here is a look at some of the styles most popular through time:
    Elizabethan Gloves Victorian Gloves
    1920s Glove Advertising 1920s Hats and Gloves
    1940s Advertising 1940/ 50s glove styles
    Connie Francis in Opera GlovesMod Fashion
    1980s and on...
    Michael Jackson Billy Idol Madonna

    Glove Etiquette

    In previous decades you received a glove etiquette handbook when you purchased a pair of gloves. These often provided you with details on how to care for your gloves and when to wear them .
    Here is one example issued with each purchase of Le Gant Paris Gloves.

    When To Wear And Not Wear Your Gloves

    • Gloves should be put on in the privacy of your own home.
    • They should always be removed whilst eating, even if it is no more than a cocktail canapé.
    • When sitting down for dinner, you should remove your gloves and then put them back on afterwards.
    • Any removing of your gloves in public should be done discreetly and not in the style of a burlesque dancer!
    • They do not have to be removed when drinking.
    • They should not be removed in order to shake hands.
    • Gloves are not worn whilst dancing.
    • Don’t wear jewellery over gloves, with the exception of bracelets.

    Glove Lengths

    Gloves lengths are concerned with fashion rather than the time of day. The length of the sleeve determines the length of glove.

    Bare shouldered or sleeveless dress - Above the elbow
    Short or cap sleeve - Elbow or below elbow length
    Below elbow or bracelet sleeve or jacket - Wrist length

    Interesting Fact!

    During the Victorian era gloves were also used as flirtation codes, so if the moment presents itself you could use your gloves as secret code:


    Completing your outfit with a pair of gloves really elevates your overall look and gives it  decidedly vintage edge.  Browse our range of gloves today!

  • Why We Love Cooly Rocks On

    Rockin & Rollin Beachside at Cooly Rocks On 2016

    It’s that time of year again; time to get put your glad rags on & rock out seaside! The 5th annual Cooly Rocks On Festival is almost underway! Spanning over a huge 11 days from June 3rd to 13th you’re sure to find an event you’ll love! Whether it’s the music, cars, dancing or just the culture in general – there is so much to see & do!

    Cooly Rocks On 2016

    We’ve attended this festival since the good old days when ‘Wintersun’ was located at Coolangatta Beach. Our memories are great & luckily they keep getting better. This year’s festival includes a huge range of bands playing all over the Coolangatta/Tweed region. Check out the line-up below – We’ve highlighted a few of our favourties!

    Lock & Load /Eddie Daniels / Mick Buckley & The Hepcats / Red Dice / The Flying Sauces / Trevor White Duo / Koffin Rockers / Wet Fish / Retro Rockets / Hal Bruce / Ezra Lee & The Havoc Band / Atomic Hi-Tones / Kris Knight as Buddy Holly / 3 Shadys & A the Lady / Broadfoot / Late for Woodstock / Miss Teresa & Her Rhythmaires / Darlin & The Midnight Delights / Corn Liquor / Buddy Love & The Tremors / PPR Express / Issy Dye / Mark Rigney / Catfish & the Deejays / Dezzie Dee & The Stingrayz / The Jive Cats / Wally & The Gators / Zed 28 / Dean Vegas / A Band Called Twang / Little Billy / The Soul Men (Blues Brothers Tribute / The Hemis

    Cooly Rocks On

    Cooly Rocks On also features a number of events you can get involved in:

    Miss Rockabilly & Miss Cooly Rocks On:
    These are our favourite events of the festival. Witness the crowning of this year’s Miss Rockabilly – a night filled with pinups & vintage inspired fashion!
    Swap Meet:
    This is the perfect opportunity for those grease monkey’s to pick up some rare parts they may not have found anywhere else.
    Street Parade:
    This is where you’ll get to see some of the hottest cars & performances moving through the streets of Coolangatta.
    Elvis Marriage Renewal:
    Get hitched (again) by the King Himself! Local Legend Dean Vegas will renew you nuptials you in true vegas style as the king!
    The Poodle Parade:
    Dress your pup up in retro clothing for a chance at winning ‘best In Show’

    We highly recommend heading to Coolangatta over the coming weeks to enjoy all aspects of Rockabilly & Kustom Kulture at their best in this perfect beachside setting .

    Miss Rockabilly

  • Why We Love Sun Records - Where Rock n Roll Was Born!

    Sun Full Logo VECTOR-FINAL-11 MERGED-FIX100% Rockabilly With The Rockin' Rooster at Sun Records!

    We’ve just received a new design of the amazing Sun Records t-shirts through Steady Clothing in the USA - Check out the new style here!

    New Sun records rooster tees   
    Sun recording artists have been hugely influential to us here at Atomic Cherry and to so many of the bands we know & love! Back in 1950 we would bet that Sam Phillips had no idea how influential his new record label & studio would become with artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis passing through. The Sun Studio building in Memphis, Tennessee was originally the Memphis Recording Service. Phillips’ Sun Records office resided in the same building and with the success of the artists Phillips was signing he was able to buy the studio and in 1952 changed the name to Sun Studio. It’s interesting to read that the first ever song considered to be rock n roll was recorded in the Memphis Recording Service studio for Sun Records. This is “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats, a band lead by the one and only Ike Turner:



    steady-clothing-mens-sun-records-rockabilly-tshirt-1Although the music is the most important part of Sun’s legacy, the logo alone is a classic image, especially in the rock and rockabilly scenes. The music & the style of the day inspires so many artists now, this is apparent in these new designs, notably those featuring an updated rockin’ rooster that we all identify on the classic Sun Records logo!

    Sun studio is still in use today, not only as a museum, but as a session room for modern bands to perform on the “Sun Studio Sessions” TV & web series. Artists such as Lee Rocker of Stray Cats, Justin Townes Earle and Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves have performed in the very room so many legends recorded in.

    It’s easy to see that the Sun Records legacy is as strong as ever & will no doubt inspire new generations for centuries to come and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • New Bettie Page and Ellie Retro Shoes!

    You'll Be In Heel Heaven With Our New Retro Shoes Range!

    Shoes Range

    With the recent addition of vintage inspired and retro shoes to the Atomic Cherry catalogue, we were inspired to explore the history of high heels and were surprised by what we learnt!

    The earliest recorded depictions of heels on footwear goes further back than Ancient Egypt and were more commonly worn by MEN!! For centuries heels have been worn by both men and women, but in ancient times Mongolian horsemen wore heels on their shoes to avoid their feet slipping when riding. Today horse riders & cowboys wear heels for the same reason. Ancient Egyptian butchers wore heels/platforms to avoid stepping directly in offal, this was also the case in Rome and Japan with mud and waste in the streets. And how could we ever forget the more recent craze of the 1970s, made famous by David Bowie and the hard rock/glam icons we all know & love – platform boots!

    We know as well as anyone that women look great in heels, so it’s interesting to find out that they’re were originally more prevalently worn by men. While recently updating our website with all the beautiful shoes we can now order through Ellie Shoes & Bettie Page Shoes we discovered that there are so many shoe variations that we had no idea about so we’re going to share them with you! Hold your horses, here are the stand outs!

    Kitten Heels – Popularised by Audrey Hepburn, these heels were originally created for teenaged girls to learn how to walk in heels. These heels are normally 1.5-2 inches high.

    Bettie Shoes Kitten Heels

    Stiletto Heels – Originally created in the 1930s, this is a long thin heel fashioned off the stiletto dagger! It can vary from 1 inch to 10 inches high! The stiletto heel lost popularity through the 60's and 70's but has come back in full force recently.

    Stilettos Stiletto heel with 1" platform

    Wedge Heels – Just like the same suggests these are heels in the shape of a wedge. This design dates back to ancient Greece & was made popular again in the 1930s by Ferragamo.

    Wedges Very cool leopard wedges!

    Platform Heels – These are shoes, sandals or boots with a thick sole of anywhere from 3cm to 10cm (and beyond!). So many of our favourite pop stars have donned platforms including David Bowie, The Spice Girls and KISS!

    Spice Girls Platform Boots The Spice Girls

    Pumps – Also known as a Court Shoe, this is a low cut, plain shoe with varying heels & heights. Throughout history pumps have been worn by men & women.

    Cone Heel – This heel is essentially shaped like an ice-cream cone. Wide at the top and comes to a point at the bottom.

    Spool Heels – This heel is wide and the top and bottom but narrow in the middle. Essentially resembling a cotton reel. These heels were popular in the baroque period (1600s) and again in the 1950s.

    Peep Toe – It’s all in the name. This design allows for your toes to make a small appearance. These were popular from the 40s to the 60s and now they’re back with a passion!

    Peep toe shoes Peep-toe slingbacks in delicious nude

    Inverted Heels – Essentially these are “heel-less” shoes! These have become popular in recent years with designers like Alexander McQueen & Jeffrey Campbell.

    Inverted Heels Inverted Heels

    Mary Janes – This is a closed, rounded, low-cut shoe with one or more straps across the in-step. These were originally created for children, boys & girls. The name Mary Jane was given to these shoes in the early 1900s through the popularity of two comic strip characters who wore them -“Buster Brown” & “Mary Jane”!

    Mary Jane Shoes Classic black Mary Janes

    D’Orsay Shoes – Characteristically the side of these shoes are cut very low to the sole & can be used for flats or heels. These were original designed for men to accommodate their wider feet, with the artist & dandy Count D’Orsay most famously wearing them.

    Armadillos – Invented by Alexander McQueen, these heels are hard to miss! Lady Gaga wore them in her ‘Bad Romance’ video clip & many models refuse to walk the catwalk in them. Armadillos are 10 inches high – would you be game to try and strut in those bad boys?

    Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen...eeek!
  • Why We Love Bettie Page


    When we think of modern rockabilly style we immediately think of Ms Bettie Page!

    Today would have marked Bettie’s 93rd Birthday and while she is no longer with us her legacy is without a doubt as strong as ever!
    Recognisable by her trademark jet black ‘Bettie Bangs” hairstyle & curvaceous figure; Bettie has inspired fashion savvy women for decades through her stunning portraits taken by now prolific photographers such as Bunny Yeager & Irving Klaw.Bettie Page close up

    The Queen of Pin Ups, as we know her today, was discovered by a police officer by the name of Jerry Tibbs while walking the shoreline of Coney Island. Tibbs liked to take photographs as a hobby and offered to take portrait & pin up photos of Bettie in exchange for a “free portfolio”. Tibbs is also responsible for her trademark fringe, suggesting she cut her hair to hide her high forehead.

    Bettie Page with leopard

    From here Bettie was offered to pose for “camera clubs” who mostly dealt with photography that was illegal to circulate, such as pornography & fetish shots! Bettie was quite uninhibited when it came to her body & became a high seller for these “mail order” images through her now famous, then risqué, poses! Over time Bettie appeared in magazines such as Playboy, feature length movies such as Striporama, in off-Broadway productions and numerous talk shows.

    Bettie Page Tights

    Bettie is now immortalised not only through her images but also through a huge range of licensed products that are designed for fans of her classic & frisky styles. With an impressive range of shoes, clothing, accessories & homewares you can easily fill every part of your life with Bettie!

    Bettie page Product range

    Bettie Page Leopard

    About Bettie Page - Did You Know?

      • Bettie's petite figure measured: 36” 23” 35”
      • Bettie was born in Nashville on April 22nd 1923 & died in Los Angeles on December 11th 2008
      • Bettie designed & made her own lingerie & bikinis at a time where bikinis were not readily available or accepted as beach wear.
      • In her later years Bettie was admitted to an insane asylum for stabbing her landlord nearly 20 times.
      • Bettie made little to no royalties from all the amazing photographs taken of her until Hugh -Hefner of Playboy fame stepped in & got her proper representation in the 1990s.
      • She was married & divorced three times
      • In 1955 Bettie won “Miss Pinup Girl Of The World”
  • Why We Love Dita Von Teese

    Dita Von Teese - The Queen of Burlesque

    Dita Von Teese makeup

    Dita Von Teese is the by far the biggest and brightest star in modern burlesque. This amazing style icon and business woman is known the world over for her beauty,  incomparable and polished self-styling and amazing performances.

    Her DIY beauty ethos and entrepreneurial ventures—designing award-winning perfumes, lingerie, gloves, and clothes, and as directing producer on her touring stage extravaganzas—have established her as a role model to all women.

    Dita's Books

    Dita's latest book "Your Beauty Mark:  The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour" divulges the beauty wisdom that keeps her on international best-dressed lists and high-profile fashion show rosters. As a formally trained and experienced make-up artist, Dita and co-writer Rose Apodaca take you through every step of Dita’s glamour arsenal.

    Your Beauty Mark Cover

    This 400-page coffee table book is full of stunning imagery, personal statements & make-up tutorials.

    "Your Beauty Mark" will help you perfect your bombshell hairstyles, makeup looks and pinup style while enhancing your most beautiful feature - individuality!  With instructive step-by-step images and original illustrations, this inspiring resource shares the skills, history, and lessons you need to enhance your individual gifts and realize your own beauty mark.

    Also available is Dita's best selling  first book, which is actually two books! “Burlesque & The Art Of The Tease” and “Fetish & the Art Of Tease. This coffee table sized book  titillates & tantalises with every page turn. It contains a stunning collection of stories, stunning images, burlesque history and the allure and art of burlesque & fetishism.

    Dita Von Teese: Burlesque and the Art of The Teese

    Strip Strip Hooray Australian Tour - June 2016!

    Dita will grace Australian stages in June with her “Strip Strip Hooray” Tour - Tickets are on sale now. We have ours – do you?

    Strip Strip Hooray Poster

    Tour Dates:

    Saturday June 4th – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
    Saturday June 5th - Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
    Tuesday June 7 - The Tivoli, Brisbane
    Wednesday June 8th - The Tivoli, Brisbane
    Friday June 10th – The Forum, Melbourne
    Saturday June 11th – The Forum, Melbourne
    Monday June 13th - Cabaret Festival, Adelaide
    Friday June 17th – The Astor, Perth
    Saturday June 18th – The Astor, Perth
    Sunday June 19th - The Astor, Perth



    About Dita Von Teese - Did You Know?

    • Her real name is Heather Renée Sweet
    • She was born on September 28, 1972
    • She was married to Marilyn Manson from 2005 to 2007
    • She does her own make-up, and dyes her naturally blonde hair black at home
    • Her mother was a big fan of the Golden-age-era of Hollywood films and this is how she developed a fascination with the actresses of that day.
    • She was trained in classical ballet from an early age and she incorporates these skills into her burlesque shows, where she frequently goes 'en pointe'.
    • Her stage name is a tribute to silent film actress Dita Parlo. Her surname was misspelled in her breakthrough December 2002 Playboy cover, (it was meant to be  Von Treese) and she decided to stick with.
    • In her early years, she appeared in fetish-related, soft-core pornographic movies
    • She achieved some level of recognition in the fetish world as a tightlacer. Through the wearing of a corset for many years, she had reduced her waistline to 22 inches (56 cm), and can be laced down as far as 16.5 inches (42 cm)!
    • Her house is dedicated to early 20th-century décor, including a complete pink kitchen with vintage appliances.

    Follow Dita: Twitter, Facebook

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