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      Tattoo You - High Quality Temporary Tattoos

      Tattoo You are a young company based in Calgary, Canada and their goal is to is to reinvent the temporary tattoo with the best imagery and style of the permanent art form. They have established a collaborative, open source community for creating and enjoying high quality temporary tattoo art. They encourage actual tattoo artists to submit their work for everyone to enjoy.

      They offer unconventional artists, many of whom have small but loyal followings, the opportunity to bring their work to a much larger audience. They see temporary tattoos as a way of making their work accessible.

      Tattoo You is about bringing a high calibre of tattoo art to those who would like to enjoy and experiment with body art without consequences. Perhaps you are thinking about taking the plunge but want to experiment and have fun with different designs first? These tattoos are perfect for this purpose and of a very high quality. They look like the real thing!

      These modern temporary tattoos are created with high-resolution, four color printing techniques that combine ink and glue. It is now possible to make temporary tattoos that last well for about a week and a half depending on a variety of factors. You will find that these temporary tattoos are remarkably resistant to soap and water.

      Watch this space for additional designs coming soon!