Vintage Inspired Retro Work Wear

Have you browsed our Retro Work Wear Range?

Back when I worked in an office (about ten years ago) finding clothes to wear to work was always such a struggle and I basically had a few pairs of pants and some classic work shirts. Suffice to say looking back, I was a bit of a dag and could certainly have used some help!

Unique Vintage Mod Wiggle Work Wear Dress Unique Vintage Mod Wiggle Work Wear Dress

A few years ago, we realised that a lot of the styles we stock are perfect for wearing to work and created our retro work wear category to highlight these styles and provide some ideas onoutfits to wear to work. When I look at our range now, there are so many pieces I could have worn that would have elevated me from office dag to office vixen!

Depending on your role and the company you work for, looking good is sometimes a must and you may be meeting clients face to face and making that all important first impression. Luckily I was office bound so what I wore didn't really matter as long as I looked smart but clothing says so much about who you are and how you present yourself.

Check out some key pieces below and browse the full range here.

Gorgeous Retro-Look Dresses

Glamour Bunny Ella Dress - Retro Work Wear Glamour Bunny Ella Dress

We're loving the new Glamour Bunny range at the moment. These amazing pencil dresses are imported from the EU and are of the utmost quality and look amazing on! The even have little straps to hold your bra strap in place! I grabbed the Ella as I'm a sucker for black, white and red!

We've many different styles that are just perfect for the office. View our work wear dresses here.

Chic Star - Plaid dress work wear Chic Star - Plaid Dress in purple
Chic Star Brittany Dress - retro work wear Chic Star Brittany Dress

Vintage Work Wear Mix and Match Separates

When it comes to separates, we've many skirts, pants and tops that can be mixed and matched to create a very smart look. Just team up a gorgeous top with a circle skirt or smart pants:

Hell Bunny Cherie Top - Retro Work Wear Hell Bunny Cherie Top
Chic Star 1940's Style Pants Retro Work Wear Chic Star 1940's Style Pants
Steady Harlow Striped Top Retro Work Wear Steady Harlow Striped Top

Comfortable Vintage Inspired Shoes

Of course any outfit isn't complete without a nice pair of shoes and our Bettie Page and Charlie Stone flats have you covered. Our most popular style is the Bettie Page 'Bettie' Mary Janes pictured below.

Bettie Page 'Bettie' Shoes Retro Work Wear Bettie Page 'Bettie' Shoes

Charlie Stone shoes have taken the vintage flats market by storm! These amazingly comfortable shoes are created by Sydney based designer Samantha Capello. Most styles are made from 100% leather upper and lining, have a soft cushioned insole, a10 mm internal heel elevation and a 10 mm external heel. Just perfect for the office:

Charlie Stone Singapore Vintage Flats Retro Work Wear Charlie Stone Singapore Vintage Flats

So next time you're in need some new work clothes, please check out our range here. We're adding new pieces all the time and you're sure to find something suitable that allows you to express your own personal style.