Applying And Removing Temporary Tattoos

Who remembers getting a tattoo transfer with their bubble gum?  These fun and colourful tattoos were a big hit when we were little but they were poor quality ink transfers and they washed off quite easily. Luckily the technology has improved a lot and our Tattoo You tattoos now last between one and two weeks. Modern temporary tattoos involve high-resolution, four color printing techniques that combine ink and glue.

How to apply your temporary tattoo


How long do they last?
Our tattoos last about as long as the life of the layer of skin they are on. This is usually about one or two weeks. They are super resistant to soap and water but don't go exfoliating or your tattoo might end up down the drain! Also please remember to avoid sunscreen as they will quickly fall off.

Removing temporary tattoos
There are a few ways to remove temporary tattoos. You can use things like baby or olive oil, rubbing alcohol or nail-polish remover. No matter which product you are using, use a generous amount and let it sink in for a while. The tattoo should then slide off the skin. You might need to exfoliate/scrub vigorously with a washcloth and follow that up with a little soap to remove the oil.

Have you tried our temporary tattoos yet?