Women's 1950s Style Petticoats

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      16 products

      1950's Style Rockabilly Petticoats

      Petticoats have been around since the 14th century and came back to prominence in the 1950s as a tiered, ruffled, underskirt used to create the classic 1950's silhouette emphasizing women's waists. They were popular in TV shows such as Happy Days and are popular with swing dancers where they add loads of movement and colour.

      We have a range of petticoats to complete your 1950's-style retro look. A good petticoat is a great investment in your 1950's retro wardrobe. Available in standard and plus sizes, below is a description of our petticoat range:

      Below The Knee/Rockabilly Length Petticoats

      If you are shopping for a high-quality petticoat to complete your retro and rockabilly look can't go past the excellent Hell Bunny long petticoats that are available in a variety of colours and sizes. These soft chiffon tiered petticoats provide plenty of flare and the elastic waistband features a handy button to adjust the fit.
      The Polly Petticoat is perfect if you are on a budget or require less flare.

      Above The Knee Petticoats

      If you are petite or have a knee-length or above the knee dress, please consider the Hell Bunny short petticoat.

      Please select your length or browse our range below: