The 1940s Continuous Roll Hairstyle

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Continuous roll hair style

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So, what is a continuous roll?

The concept is the appearance of a hair element that wraps around the entire hairline rolling altogether. Below, this vintage magazine illustration calls it a chevron hairstyle. In it, it forms the chevron point or “V” at the nape of the neck. It could also have been called a Victory Hairstyle had it appeared in a different magazine. 

Continuous roll instructions

During WWII, women stepped into the workforce to take the place of the young men that went off to fight overseas. These jobs, that had women working around a lot of machinery, required them to wear their hair in a contained fashion.

Women came up with creative, stylish ways to put their hair up to accommodate this new way of life. This hairstyle was one of these creative ideas. When styled properly, a continuous roll looks like one round element that travels around the entire hairline.

These days, it's a classic 1940's look that can be worn up or down.

Image of the back of a front continuous roll

The tutorial below shows how to connect two victory rolls to look like one continuous roll. With the help of the Roll & Go Hair Tool, if you connect a few of these around your head you can achieve a gorgeous 1940s hairstyle. 

If you are short on time and need your hair off your face, you can style it into a quick upright Suicide Roll: