Why We Love Bettie Page


When we think of modern rockabilly style we immediately think of Ms Bettie Page!

Today would have marked Betties 93rd Birthday and while she is no longer with us her legacy is without a doubt as strong as ever!
Recognisable by her trademark jet black Bettie Bangs hairstyle & curvaceous figure; Bettie has inspired fashion savvy women for decades through her stunning portraits taken by now prolific photographers such as Bunny Yeager & Irving Klaw.Bettie Page close up

The Queen of Pin Ups, as we know her today, was discovered by a police officer by the name of Jerry Tibbs while walking the shoreline of Coney Island. Tibbs liked to take photographs as a hobby and offered to take portrait & pin up photos of Bettie in exchange for a free portfolio. Tibbs is also responsible for her trademark fringe, suggesting she cut her hair to hide her high forehead.

Bettie Page with leopard

From here Bettie was offered to pose for camera clubs who mostly dealt with photography that was illegal to circulate, such as pornography & fetish shots! Bettie was quite uninhibited when it came to her body & became a high seller for these mail order images through her now famous, then risqu, poses! Over time Bettie appeared in magazines such as Playboy, feature length movies such as Striporama, in off-Broadway productions and numerous talk shows.

Bettie Page Tights

Bettie is now immortalised not only through her images but also through a huge range of licensed products that are designed for fans of her classic & frisky styles. With an impressive range of shoes, clothing, accessories & homewares you can easily fill every part of your life with Bettie!

Bettie page Product range

Bettie Page Leopard

About Bettie Page - Did You Know?

    • Bettie's petitefigure measured: 36 23 35
    • Bettie was born in Nashville on April 22nd 1923 & died in Los Angeles on December 11th 2008
    • Bettie designed & made her own lingerie & bikinis at a time where bikinis were not readily available or accepted as beach wear.
    • In her later years Bettie was admitted to an insane asylum for stabbing her landlord nearly 20 times.
    • Bettie made little to no royalties from all the amazing photographs taken of her until Hugh -Hefner of Playboy fame stepped in & got her proper representation in the 1990s.
    • She was married & divorced three times
    • In 1955 Bettie won Miss Pinup Girl Of The World