Why We Love Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley is Hittin' Greazefest This Weekend!

Were currently living in the age of the tattooed pin up! These women are strong independent gals from all different backgrounds with an eye for style!

When I think of modern pin ups the one & only Sabina Kelley instantly comes to mind! This almost 6ft stunner is a trailblazer in the tattooed pin up scene & were lucky enough to be seeing her this weekend at Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival in Brisbane.

If youve been living under a rock and are unsure who this blonde bombshell is then let us entertain you:

Sabina is a professional model and dancer who you may have been introduced to through the TV Show Best Ink which airs worldwide. She featured a showgirl in the famous Jubilee! show in Las Vegas & guest headlined in the show PinUp.

Sabinas modelling career has been extensive to say the least. From vintage glamour, modern pin up, fetish & fashion; she has done it all and with so much of her own individual style!

Its easy to get carried away admiring this lovely lady not only for her stunning features but also for her dedication to the tattoo cause! We so look forward to meeting Sabina on the weekend and cant wait to see what boundaries she pushes next!